Ozil into the Real Madrid first nine Germans want to rebuild binary glorious predecessors

Ozil into the Real Madrid first nine Germans want to rebuild binary glorious predecessors

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Hedi La Real Madrid career has just kicked off, Real Madrid this summer, German international has signed a second 22-year-old became the Bernabeu Ozil the Online Scam first nine Germans, which is Real Madrid also have two secondary history German players. The last time was in 1974 and 1976, Netzel and Brian Turner.

Ozil as Real Madrid in the history of the 9th German

Skyrocketed in the World Cup Houeqier’s, after a series of Inter Milan, Barcelona and Manchester United and other giants of the chase, the Ozil Real Love in the final, joined the Galaxy this summer, the fleet has become the second German. Ozil joining has accelerated the pace of Kaka and Fandefade leave. The short period of ten years, Real Madrid have completed the Dutch from Brazil to help then help is now Portugal and Germany to help to help the bipedal full of change.

Real Madrid attacking midfielder

Hedi La and Ozil now have become the first club in the history of a German soccer star 8,9, before them, Brian Turner, Illgner, Schuster at the Bernabeu, who have left their footprints glory . Gemini South African World Cup in Germany will also be at the Bernabeu as Real Madrid once again name the German star.

Germany first came to Real Madrid star is Netzel, this European Championship in 1972, a total of Real Madrid midfielder Commander 3 seasons, from 1973 until 1976 to leave the Bernabeu, former master of Moenchengladbach midfielder A total of 100 appearances www.onlinescam.net for Real Madrid into 13 balls, and in his first season, Real Madrid will win the league title.

Netzel to Real Madrid after the second year, the German football team recognized devil’s Bulaitena follow the footsteps of his teammates also came to the Bernabeu, it was named Real Madrid attacking midfielder for three seasons, during which enter the 10 goals, had played 100 times.

Champions League UEFA Cup

Bulaitena to leave Real Madrid in the summer, which is the summer of 1977, Still Lick The German midfielder Titans went into the Bernabeu. However, in his first season with Real Madrid, the team was only ranked 9. However, before leaving Real Madrid until 1985, Still Lick the harvest is still a lot of things, played 338 times for Real Madrid during the period into a total of https://www.onlinescam.net/bdswiss/ 51 Lick Still got the ball 4 times and 2 times Champions League UEFA Cup.

In 1988, Schuster defected to Real Madrid from Barcelona, Real Madrid as a player he played for two league titles during the travel with the team. The summer of 1990, he left Real Madrid at the Bernabeu he played a total of over 88 times into 18 balls. Also worth mentioning is that during the period ,2007-2009, Real Madrid Schuster also served as coach of Real Madrid in his first season coaching the team will complete the league championship.

First six to Real Madrid’s German

In 1996, the German country Illgner Real Madrid, Real Madrid came to the first season, he will immediately join Capello won the league title, Real Madrid in his career resume, two of the most striking is the Champions League Champions champion. Real Madrid left in 2001 there were over 119 times Illgner appearance.

And Schuster, who is different, the first six to Real Madrid’s German is not the player who is joining. In 1997, Heynckes was Real Madrid coach and www.onlinescam.net/24option/ led his unit to win the Champions League when the season championship. However, since only achieved when the season 4th in the league, so even led his unit to get the holy grail of the Champions League, Heynckes failed to avoid the class.